Starting a Start-Up Right

A Simple Website to Reach Clients

Well Built

Designed on the world's most renowned CMS, this website fits the task at hand and can be easily extended.

Cost Effective

While cost effective to create this small impactful website, it also helps establish the marketing footprint for this start-up.

Creating Credibility

Professionally done, a website established, allowing a point of credible reference for the online target market.

The Client:

A Small Start-Up Launching - Copytunity

A new start-up was launching and needed a cost effective solution to establish their digital footprint. The idea of the website was carefully thought about and is used as the central point in the client marketing plan. Websites create credibility and a point of reference.

Simple but visually appealing

The client is a new start-up specialising in copy writing, to match their business stage a website was carefully constructed to be cost effective, visually appealing to the target market and built to be extended in the future with no cost to the client.

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