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28 Websites

Targeted Strategy

Effective and Engaging

2014 State Election - Liberal Party

A Strategy of Impact

The Liberal Party wanted to re-write the digital rule book in 2014, and saw digital marketing as a way to connect with constituents in a more targeted and personal way.


A highly in-depth communication plan was developed covering digital, online methods of communication and strategies to reach people in new ways.

As part of the broad plan 28 individual candidate and MP websites were developed on a leading Open Source platform.

Developed to be managed by individual campaigns or central software was integrated that allowed websites to be managed in multiple locations at once.

The Result

The website directly connected candidates and MPs to their constituents. The website allowed the campaign to communicate messages effectively and quickly.

It also was a fundamental pillar in the advertising campaign that linked back to the local websites and created a substantial tool to launch advertising from.

The websites and supporting infrastructure were unmatched by the other political parties at that time.

The campaign drove record engagement, website traffic and candidate awareness into key demographics and geographics.