LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional networking platform with almost 740 million members.

Recently talking to a former colleague, I recommended they watch a LinkedIn influencer’s videos as they contain so much insight relevant to our industry.

Below is three recommendation on influencers to follow;

Mark Ritson – “Virtual Marketing Professor”

Mark is a leading voice in the Australian marketing landscape and has spent 25 years as marketing professor. I enjoy his common-sense intelligent approach to marketing; he is also willing to hold marketing professionals accountable for their poor marketing applications and understanding.

His insights based in academic and real-world application, that is often missed by other Professors who don’t know the real-world reality and marketers who sadly don’t understand the academic background to their profession.

He also writes for several marketing publications and shares his articles.

Follow Mark at

Tom Goodwin – Co- Founder of ALL WE HAVE IS NOW

Tom the former Head of Futures and Insights – Publicis Groupe, is a incredible thought leader. His insights are coherent and founded in facts not just the emotion of the day. He doesn’t get caught up in chasing the shiny object but on ideas, thoughts, and concepts that will truly benefit business understanding and kind heartly challenges our known beliefs or the media narrative.

Follow Tom at

Chris Walker – Refine Labs | B2b Revenue Operations and Growth Marketer

Chris is a leading growth marketer based in Boston, Massachusetts. He posts regular videos and commentary on growth marketing, that are insightful and cut through the marketing spin.

Chris notes “We are on a journey at Refine Labs to help companies optimize their revenue model. I’ve spent the last six years of my career perfecting the process at rapidly growing early- and growth-stage companies. The final product, our Revenue Engine Optimization formula, is a unique combination of Revenue Operations, Growth Marketing, and Buyer Enablement, which has been proven to accelerate business growth and new customer acquisition with a focus on pipeline velocity.“

I strongly recommend following Chis at

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