“Product naming is considered a critical component in the branding process and it requires a mixture of creative and linguistic strategy. The product name needs to resonate and connect with audiences, as well as align with the company’s brand.” – Tam Nguyen, B&T

Naming your product or products is not an off the cuff decision but a pre-eminent branding and marketing consideration.

We strongly recommend investigating what search results appear for the name or term, is it highly competitive or will your name come to the top of the search results easily? This is now a fundamental factor in naming products due to customers’ buyer acquisition behaviour and tendency to search online for products.

I once worked with a client who named a product a derivative of famous person’s name, while this product was beautiful and met all the right criteria to be successful. The product’s success was halted due to the customers’ limited ability to find information on the product as when they investigated the product it just came up with articles of this famous person with international appeal. Be wise, be unique and think of the impact.   

In 2012 Fast Company wrote a brilliant article that outlines the eight principles of product naming. My tip is – next time you go to name a product read this: https://www.fastcompany.com/1819418/8-principles-product-naming