A leader is a learner. A leader never pretends they know all. A leader understands their strengths and lifts up people to fill their weaknesses. A leader mentors others in their gifts.  Leaders have the courage to action change and confront the root of tribulations. A leader looks at the problem and doesn’t seek to blame you first but comprehends the issues, and through knowledge and analysis – learning –  applies a solution.  Leadership is communicating.  Leaders cannot rely on static maps or past small thinking to manage teams or get outcomes. Leadership is applying strategies that are inclusive while scalable. It’s not about controlling but delivering.

It takes courage and intestinal fortitude to lead a team.

If you want to be a leader, seek information, observe your environment and investigate ideas with the express desire to learn.  As a leader, is a learner.

If you’re taking on a leadership position, want to be a leader or are currently a leader but having difficulties. Can I encourage you listen to podcasts, read books and learn from your peers.

The foundation in knowledge will allow you to lead with authority and set the direction forward.